23 September 2016

The last Coach has left Cuboree

Bye for now friends - thanks for all the fun!

Congratulations Kaa and Shada and the team!!

22 September 2016

Closing time...

What a great week of memories, new friends and lessons learned. The first buses have started to return home, while the rest of the camp is settling into sleep. What a great adventure - there will be many stories to share when they get home.

The closing ceremony was a mixed bag of emotions, laughter, cheers and the sound of the Cub Scouts singing from the grandstands was truly inspiring. The Leaders have worked hard to provide an amazing Cuboree and all should be very proud of their effort.

The Cub Scouts have grown a lot this week, they have learnt so much about themselves and those around them, made new friends and laughed so much - it was a joy to hear.

Enjoy them when they come home...

21 September 2016

Wow three days of activities already almost over...

Monday was the first day of activities, the Cub Scouts rotate through the activity bases, meals and showers. For some the bump in and first day was a challenge - there were some tired faces at the meal table but by the time the music started at the disco they had found their 'second wind'.

The first whale watching was a bit rough on Monday and there were a few 'sickies' but they perked up somewhat once back on land. Tuesday's boat trip was calmer but both groups have managed to see whales and some super excited Cub Scouts... the third Village is still offsite so yet to hear of their adventures.

The second day of the activities saw some tweaks and modifications but the weather was kind and actually very hot! Sunscreen has been regularly applied and of course they are all wearing their Cuboree hats. Today has been overcast but pleasant enough without any rain.

The Leaders are starting to get the routine but are tired and let's face it we stick people from all over Queensland with different needs in a small space and take away all their creature comforts and expect them to all play nicely...

Sometimes Scouting is an interesting social experiment!

Cuboree 2016 is operating smoothly enough for the third day - the catering team DC Catering https://www.facebook.com/cateringbyDC/ are keeping us well fed, the amazing activity team are keeping us active. Welfare is looking after us all too - but luckily there hasn't been not too much for them to do!!!

Last night was movie night and tonight is campfire - then there is only one more day of activities before closing ceremony... it's gone so quick. Thanks KAA and your team for making such a great event for us all to enjoy.

The Cub Scouts have been so well behaved (well mostly) and polite. They are a credit to their parents, families and Leaders...

18 September 2016

Cuboree First Day is almost over...

Wow what an exciting day...

Now that everyone has arrived we have 946 people ready to Rumble in the Jungle, many have spent long hours in the bus to get here, many had very early starts or late night pick ups, some have caught planes to Brisbane and then bused, some took two buses to get here...

  • Mount Isa distance travelled 1702km
  • Cairns distance travelled1448km
  • Winton distance travelled 1233km
  • Charleville distance travelled 795km
  • Victoria distance travelled 1816km
  • Townsville distance travelled 1100km
  • Moranbah distance travelled 786km

They have come over from all over and arrived with excitement twinkling in their eyes, the 672 Cub Scouts have worked hard to get here, met the challenges of the Cuboree eligibility criteria and are intrepidly looking forward to the adventures yet to come.

At dinner tonight - there were some very weary and slightly confused looks on their faces (and that was just the Leaders!)


They have built their homes (Villages), tents are up, beds prepared, they have enjoyed meeting their new friends and neighbours, they have been a part of a the largest Grand Howl and shared some laughter at the Opening.

It's all settled and so quiet now as I sit and write this, I can almost hear the dreams of our Cub Scouts as their brains revisit this exciting day... tomorrow the activities begin.

  • What will Cub Scout Magic reveal?
  • Will they see whales at Urban Jungle?
  • What will they discover at BP Mafeking?
  • What is behind the black tarps at Seeonee Hills?
All these questions and more...

Cub Scouts are on their way to Cuboree...

So the first wave of buses have started their journeys at 8am we had the following buses on the road:

  • Bus 1
  • Bus 2
  • Bus 3
  • Bus 4
  • Bus 5
  • Bus 6
  • Bus 7
  • Bus 8
  • Bus 9
  • Bus 10
  • Bus 12
  • Bus 14
  • Bus 15
  • Bus 16
KAA (Tim Gibbings - Chief Director) has been heard to say "It's about to be raining Cub Scouts!"

 Come on in Cub Scouts - we are ready for you!

17 September 2016

Catering meets compliance standards

The Fraser Coast Regional Council Environmental Health Officer has done the site inspection to check compliance of the catering and food preparation area of Cuboree and our wonderful catering team have passed the assessment.

Thanks to our great team for keeping us safe, healthy and well fed - check out their Facebook page to learn more  about DC Catering 

Welcome to The Cold Lairs

The Scout and Venturer Scouts are running an activity base for our Cub Scouts based on the Scout Section.

We have had some amazing Venturer Scouts working hard to set up this fun base - make sure you say hi and thanks to them when you get on site!