What is Cuboree?

Cuboree is a camp for all Queensland Cub Scouts aged 9 to 11. It is held  for six (6) days and five (5) nights during school holidays, every 2 years. The following Cuboree's in Queensland have been run or a scheduled:
  1. Cuboree 2010 - Stanthrope QLD - Theme: 'Web of Life
  2. Cuboree 2012 - Rockhampton QLD - Theme: ' Magical Mystery Tour' 
  3. Cuboree 2014 - Maryborough QLD - Theme: ' Time of Legends'
  4. Cuboree 2016 - Maryborough QLD - Theme: 'Rumble in the Jungle'
  5. Cuboree 2018 - Maryborough QLD - Theme: 'Going Troppo'
From Sept 18 to Sept 23, 2016 the event will be held at Maryborough Showgrounds and Equestrian Centre, and the theme will be 'Time of Legends'

Activities and challenges will relate to this theme and be based on some of the Silver and Gold Boomerang Challenges.

This is a great opportunity for the Cub Scouts to attend such a fantastic event held in their own State. As with any large activity or event there are guidelines and this Camp will be for the older Cub Scouts – it is designed to assist them on their Scouting journey and hopefully they will have a chance to attend a Jamboree during their Scout years too.

There will be four full days of activities (including an off‐site activity) utilising the Cub Scout Award Scheme and many chances for fun and friendship for both Youth Members and Leaders.

Thanks for your support from the many Cub Scouts of Queensland.