09 July 2012

An Un-named Cuboree jackets size 14 has also been handed in, please contact bc.cubscouts@qldhq.scouts.com.au

08 July 2012

Cuboree Lost Property Update
The Gold Coast region's lost property will be picked up from Branch on Tuesday by Sallie Fletcher... (Nerang/Greenbank/Logan Village/Ashmore/Beenleigh)
Moreton Region's will be delivered to Moreton Scout Centre no later than Wed for pick up...(Queens Park/Camira/North Ipswich/Karana)
Brisbane North's will be distributed by Gary Hansen... (The Gap/Oakleigh/Samford/Kedron)
Near North Coast and Country to be distributed by Al Fleming... (Woodford/Burpengary/Narangba
These Packs will need to collect their items from Qld Scout Centre...
Majestic Park
Mt Bruce
Please make sure this is picked up no later than 20 July (or it will be donated to charity)
All the other Regions will be posted to the Pack Leaders address tomorrow or Tuesday.
Robyn Devine
Cuboree Camp Chief

Email Me if you want the un-named list of items

03 July 2012

The truck has some lost property that will be unpacked this weekend, any wet items I brought home with me and have washed.
Thankfully the majority has names so it will not be hard to relocate.
I will need the weekend to sort it tough as there are a few bags, watch this space, I will email you and also post a list of un-named gear here and on the Facebook...
Robyn Devine

01 July 2012

Cuboree Videos

Video footage from Cuboree 2012

Grand Howl

Walking the planks!

Blackbeard Activity base battle.