24 September 2014

Cub-O-Read Newsletter 1

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22 September 2014

Bush dance and out!

Another full day has been done and they are now all asleep. It has not taken long to go quiet here tonight. After a full day of activities they are exhausted.

Those on Gone Fish'n got to see some whales, the Trail Blazers were Jelly wrestling and those on the Valley of Legends were run amok on the obstacle course.

It is never a dull moment and we know we have done our job when they crash out early on a night - like tonight.

Windy, Wet and full of fun

So ends Day 2 at Cuboree 2014. One thing Cuboree never fails to do is provide unique conditions, 2010 was heavy rain and many soggy feet, 2012 provided rain in Rockhampton for a long while, even if it was a little. Maryborough has provided a windy couple of days. 

We have been lashing everything when the high winds whip around the Showgrounds. It has provided a cooler than expected weather, and we have had rain! Never fails, and it still has not killed the enthusiasm.

Today was Day 1 of the four activity bases, Time Travel, Trail Blazers, Gone Fish'n and Valley of Legends. We hear their are many happy Cub Scouts tonight and they are ready for tomorrow's action.

There was also a chance for some Cub Scouts to get some extra activities thanks to Southern Cross in the afternoon.

21 September 2014

Everyone is onsite and crashed

It has been a full day for the Cub Scouts today. The excitement of a bus trip to an unknown camp with 920 others is a scary thing. But they make up for it when they get here.

Once off the bus they were sent through the Bus Arrival tent and then had to walk to the various sub camps. It was here they then had to set up the tents and make the place feel like home.

What was a vast vacant lot is alive with Cub Scouts and tents.

We also held a Cub Scout Grand Howl at 5pm - it was huge and poor Kaa had to give up on the microphone and use is big voice to get heard - just !

The feeding line is now a lot longer thanks to the extra 900 that have arrived, but I heard the catering staff got all the meals served in just over one hour. What an awesome feat.

We have just all come back from the opening ceremony and most have now crashed for the night. Tomorrow kicks off the first full day of activities and I am sure there will be some early nights in the coming days.

Cuboree Gateways revealed

More photos of happy faces

On the Buses!

Yes they are on thier way to Cuboree 2014. Cairns area left yesterday and some during the night. Most of the South East corner are on their way and the photos of excited faces are everywhere.