24 July 2011

22 July 2011

Cuboree 2012 Update - Encompass July 2011

The application forms have been distributed, the planning is in place, teams have been identified and we are ready to get started on the biggest adventure in Cub Scouts in 2012…Cuboree The Magical Mystery Tour visit http://cuboree.scoutsqld.com.au/ to keep up-to-date.
The Cuboree will be held in Rockhampton from 23 – 27 June 2012, each Pack will be transported to Seeonee Park by the Magical Mystery Bus. They will pick up their Cuboree Pack members along the way, enjoying activities and excitement on the journey.
Cuboree Packs will be accommodated in Sub Camps:
  • C – Crocodile – Grey (caring and creative) led by Alan Fleming
  • U – Unicorn – White  (unique and understanding) led by Gary Hansen
  • B – Bear – Brown (brave and big) led by Allan Mortensen
  • S – Serpent – Red (special and smart) led by Sallie Fletcher
Activities will be provided onsite as well as this year we have an offsite activity and all coordinated  by our experienced Branch Advisor John Mills (he is also supporting me in my role as Camp Chief!)
  • C – Camelot – led by Maree Leschke
  • U – Utopia – led by Ian Rubb
  • B – Blackbeard’s Base – led by Peter Thompson
  • S – Sherwood – the Scout base
As well as our Roving Minstrels that will keep us entertained and on track led by Ben Bawden.
There will also be a bus activity coordinator and Mark Dowsett is running the transport side of this Cuboree, a large job so we will need to ensure we get applications in as quickly as possible to assist with management of this project.
Introducing the rest of the team:
  • Welfare – Mark and Sue Bates
  • Facilities – Stephen Kydd
  • Logistics – Tim Gibbings
  • Communications – Stephen Hughes
  •  Promotions – Richard Barrett
  • Security – Ray Fletcher
  • Administration – Melita Goff
There are still a few team players that we are currently in discussion but the teams are on track, this year Cuboree Pack Leaders will be invited to take up the role, these Leaders have experience in a variety of different camps, activities and events and are the important glue to this Cuboree.
The other Cub Scout Leaders will be required to support these Cuboree Pack Leaders and take direction from them during the Cuboree. Letters will be sent out shortly from me.
The other important difference in this coming Cuboree to note is that applications will close with the second payment date, last year we allowed way too many late applications and it created difficulties for administration and processing. This year I will not be so kind – sorry but my team need time to coordinate Cuboree clothing, transport, catering and resources.
So get your applications in quickly – so your Pack does not miss out!
The Cub Scout has until the beginning of Cuboree to achieve their eligibility so applications can still be sent through by the 1st payment. We already have started to receive them so don’t hold back!
The exciting thing about Cuboree for me has been the follow up, seeing so many blue Cuboree 2010 shirts at the Scout Section’s activities this year, we may have had to finish early but the Cuboree was successful in providing another activity supporting Cub Scouts linking. Well done to all that participated – especially those awesome Cub Scouts.

Robyn Devine (RIKKI) Branch Commissioner - Cub Scouts

11 July 2011

New email address

Please be advised that Cuboree has a new email address. Address is ask-cuboree@scoutsqld.com.au.

All questions will be sent to the Cuboree Communications Coordinator to address, and if required passed on. An attempt will be made to reply to all requests within a few days of receiving, where possible.

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04 July 2011

Applications close: 2 December 2011

Closing date for applications to Cuboree 2012 will be 2 December 2011

This date is inline with the second installment payment date.

Your Cub members have to June 22, 2012 to complete the minimum requirements for attending Cuboree. If a member is still to complete minimum requirements, this should not prevent them from applying to attend. They can withdraw their application at anytime.

For details on minimum requirements for attending and withdrawl policy, please refer to application page.

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