17 January 2012

Bear Sub Camp - looking for Teddy Bears

The Bear Sub Camp is putting out a call to all groups to donate Teddy Bears for their Sub Camp. The bears will be used for several activities and to assist in decorating the buses to and from the event. If you have a bear you wish to donate please contact us for details.

Please be aware that your donated bear will not be returned and at the end of Cuboree - those that 'survive' will be donated to a local charity within the Rockhampton area. So please do not send your beloved Teddy for this adventure. It is one that you and it may never recover from :)

Cuboree Planning Meeting - January 14

On January 14 at the Albany Creek Den, the Cuboree Planning Committee came together to kick off the year and provide updates on the status of the various team leaders. It was a fun filled afternoon, with many laughs, lots of enthusiasm and many wild and wonderful ideas.

The Sub Camps leaders have great ideas for their areas and will beginning working on planning tent layouts.

Activities are coming together and we can advise one activity will be offsite and provide a thrill for those attending.

There was an update from the transport coordinator - who has the huge task of getting all the buses organised, pick up locations and ensuring the routes are hassle free as possible. The job is huge and is being handled with great care and attention.

Our Camp Chief, Robyn Devine had the day in hand and was dutiful assisted by timekeeper Julie, who would ensure that the update sessions were kept to time.

In the end it was a long session but very rewarding, and for those that were there we have all come away with nothing but a great buzz for what will be unfolding.

Camp Chief & Branch Commissoner for Cub Scouts - Robyn Devine

Activities Team planning session

Admin Team session

Communications Team Leader Stephen Hughes and Assistant Yvette Paterson

Logistics - Tim Gibbins and Assistant, plus Transport Coordinator - Mark

Sub Camp Planning team

Welfare Team in session

Cuboree 2012 Applications Update

Applications for Cuboree officially closed on Dec 2, 2011. To date we have processed approximately 680 applications and you should begin to see payments coming out of your nominated accounts. Where this is fantastic outcome, it has come to our attention that there may be groups holding back the applications until mid Term 1.

the Cuboree Planning Committee are now seeking any outstanding applications immediately to avoid disappointment. 

As you can appreciate coordination of transport, Cuboree merchandise (Hats, Shirts, Scarves and Woggles) plus Sub Camp assignments is time constrained and it is vital we receive your group numbers to ensure we cater appropriately.

 If have concerns regarding your groups applications, please contact ask-cuboree@scoutsqld.com.au as soon as possible.

Cuboree is going to Rock and be one to remember.