15 March 2012

Cuboree Pack Leaders Weekend

On the weekend on March 3 & 4 the Cuboree Pack Leaders weekend was held at BP Park at Samford, QLD.  This was an opportunity for those who were nominated and accepted the role of Sub Camp Pack Leader to come together and be briefed on the expectations for fulfilling the role.

As with most Cub Leader training weekends, there was a lot of laughing, lots of comments and feedback being provided, and a great sense of wanting to be part of Cuboree 2012.

It has been fantastic to see so many Cuboree 2010 shirts and hats on display. For an event that is in its second running. To see so many come back for a second run is a true expression of how much Cuboree has been adopted.

Cuboree Packing List Updated

Please be advised we have made major changes to the Cuboree packing list. After the Cuboree Leaders weekend early in March, there were several very good suggestions on how to improve on it. Some of the covering sections have been cleaned up, the medical section provided a clearer outline of what is required and some excellent add ins to the checklist.

It does need to be mentioned that this is a guide only and you should pack according to your childs needs. However there will be restrictions on luggage and we do ask that you keep within the bedding guidelines.