15 December 2011

Cuboree numbers - thus far

As of today, the Cuboree 2012 registrations stands at 635 from 75 groups across QLD. What a great effort, and we still are seeing the applications rolling in via snail mail.

A breakdown of numbers and regions will follow in the next few days.

05 December 2011

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From Jan 2012, we will begin to collect those frequently asked questions we have been receiving and answer on the FAQ page there will be regular monthly updates and then as we move closer to the event we will update frequently – stay tuned and remember Cub Scouts, Leaders and the parents can all access this information to assist with a better understanding and planning for Cuboree 2012.

Magical Mystery Tour Transport

The Magical Mystery Tour begins the moment you step on board the bus, this is all part of the Cuboree with activities, games, songs and other activities throughout the journey. 

It is anticipated that you will pick up other members of your Cuboree Pack during your trip and this provides an opportunity for the Cub Scout and Leaders to get to know one another. 

We do not have any other alternatives to transport arranged as this is a Cuboree activity and will form part of the Cuboree Award.

Information updates

At the beginning of 2012 there will be the following information kits available online:
·         Cuboree Leader Handbook
·         Cuboree Parent Handbook
·         Suggested Packing List

Applications Closing Date Update

Due to demand and to assist with this particularly challenging year for Queensland families we have agreed to extend the closing date until 12 December for those later comers amongst our Cub Scout community.

We will require a minimum of 1st payment with the application and 2nd payment before Cub Scouts return in the New Year for the applications to be processed.

We will be shortly determining the transport routes required and therefore need to know where people will be coming from and how many to assist with booking bus transport. 

Of course like all logistical facilities including extra toilets and showers they will require deposits to be able to book – Cuboree is a self-funded activity therefore your payment provides these deposits*. 

Thanks for your understanding.

Robyn Devine
Cuboree 2012 Camp Chief
Scouts Qld

*Please note: if a family is finding this difficult due to financial hardships please discuss with the Branch Commissioner Cub Scouts any possible alternative payment plan options to meet the Cuboree requirements.

02 December 2011

Site updates

 Please return here in the next few days to see new updates around Cuboree. Things are returning to normal and regular updates will start appearing. A new merchandise page is also coming with a great item to get ready for the cool nights in Rocky.