09 July 2012

An Un-named Cuboree jackets size 14 has also been handed in, please contact bc.cubscouts@qldhq.scouts.com.au

08 July 2012

Cuboree Lost Property Update
The Gold Coast region's lost property will be picked up from Branch on Tuesday by Sallie Fletcher... (Nerang/Greenbank/Logan Village/Ashmore/Beenleigh)
Moreton Region's will be delivered to Moreton Scout Centre no later than Wed for pick up...(Queens Park/Camira/North Ipswich/Karana)
Brisbane North's will be distributed by Gary Hansen... (The Gap/Oakleigh/Samford/Kedron)
Near North Coast and Country to be distributed by Al Fleming... (Woodford/Burpengary/Narangba
These Packs will need to collect their items from Qld Scout Centre...
Majestic Park
Mt Bruce
Please make sure this is picked up no later than 20 July (or it will be donated to charity)
All the other Regions will be posted to the Pack Leaders address tomorrow or Tuesday.
Robyn Devine
Cuboree Camp Chief

Email Me if you want the un-named list of items

03 July 2012

The truck has some lost property that will be unpacked this weekend, any wet items I brought home with me and have washed.
Thankfully the majority has names so it will not be hard to relocate.
I will need the weekend to sort it tough as there are a few bags, watch this space, I will email you and also post a list of un-named gear here and on the Facebook...
Robyn Devine

01 July 2012

Cuboree Videos

Video footage from Cuboree 2012

Grand Howl

Walking the planks!

Blackbeard Activity base battle.

30 June 2012

Back on deck

After what has been a very successful Cuboree and after three days of pulling down tents to restore Seeonee Park back to its normal state (try that after 500 Cub Scouts have been on site :-) ), most of those remaining needed a day or two to recover, I am now back on deck to answer any questions you may have.

In the next two days I will look at posting most photos to the The Battle and also upload some video footage we were able to capture, plus I will be addressing all emails that have come in over the past few days.

For me this has been a most uplifting experience. I have returned home with so many memories and new appreciation for our truly outstanding Cub Scouts. I lost count of the number of kilometers I walked to cover the event, but I know that for every ache and pain I had I could tell you a story on how they got there.

Keep watching for more cool stuff as I get things cleared up.

28 June 2012

Cuboree Lost Property

So the tents are coming down and there are many interesting items to be found, these will be transported back to Brisbane and we will itemize and set a pick up date and time... watch this space and we hope to reunite many items, which of course if they are labelled is as easy as ...

Email   ask-cuboree@scoutsqld.com.au if you have lost items so we can try to synchronize collections.

I thank the team for doing their best to keep items with owners but things do go astray as you all know only too well, we will endeavour to 'do our best' to get them returned.

Robyn Devine
Cuboree Camp Chief

27 June 2012

Cuboree Bus #9 just north of Cooroy - should be at Aussie World at 6.30pm - thanks Shane
Cuboree BUS #2 has been slowed most parents have been contacted thanks Anita
Cuboree Bus #6 leaving Gympie now
Latest update from the Cuboree Tour Leaders
Bus #1- Traveling through Caboolture, ETA Beenleigh just after 6pm, Nerang 6.30pm - all smiles - thanks Jay
Bus #2 - Just stopping at Gympie - thanks Anita
Bus #3 - Still to hear
Bus #4 - Still to hear
Bus #5 - Still to hear 
Bus # 6 - In Gympie in about 10 mins stopping for 30 mins - thanks Wendy
Bus #7 - 30 mins past Gympie - thanks for keeping parents informed too Katie
Bus #8 - Happy travelers, approaching Gympie - thanks Julie
Bus #9 - Just north of Gympie - thanks Janeene
Bus #10 - 30 mins from Alligator Creek - stopping for a meal break - thanks Sharon
Bus #12 - Home safe and sound - thanks Angela

Bus # 14 - At the log cabin south side of Gympie - Thanks Kellie
Bus # 12 all home safe and sound
Cuboree Bus # 6 are watching the smurfs movie, french knitting starfish catching, rattle bottle spying, napping, origami, colouring in .... Mystery Tour is still in full flight!
Bus # 5 in Gympie. Spirits still high! Rain is getting heavier though
Cuboree Bus # 2 is about 20 mins out of Maryborough
Cuboree Bus # 14 had a few mechanical issues - the Cuboree Tour Guide Leader Kellie says "it's amazing what Cub Scouts can do with spanners" - they lost about 20 mins and have just passed Tiaro
Bus #1 just thru Gympie - all going well
Cuboree Bus # 7 left Gin Gin lunch around 13.44 - "hats off to them for great facilities and the hot chips :) all Cub Scouts and Leaders are happy"
Bus # 8 left Gin Gin lunch around 14.30 - all well and did a good turn for a fellow traveler as well!
Cuboree Bus #5 left Maryborough around 14.40pm - all happy and content
Cuboree Bus #3 continued their Magical Mystery Tour via Mt Morgan with a flat tyre but thanks to the kindly Mt Morgan Info and Train Station for giving the Cub Scouts a tour while they waited for the tyre to be fixed...
Their last location and timing was a meal break at Taroom and left about 2.00pm, they may be later than expected due to this unforseen adventure... keep you posted

They are already asleep

We have had word that they no sooner got past Rockhampton and they are asleep. We hope you all get a peaceful night tonight!

Did you know?

At the closing ceremony last night, the Region Commissioner for Capricorn, thanked Cuboree for bringing rain for the first time in 5 years during this time frame.

What to expect on return

This Facebook comment was too good to leave in one place.

Has anyone let the water board know about the expected high demand for washing machine water starting some time this afternoon or evening?

Last buses leaving

We are just awaiting the last of the buses to leave at 9:30. All other buses have left on time and are all heading back to you. We will be tracking them via our phone contacts on the buses and will keep you posted.

first buses away

the first and second buses are away on time

The Departure

So what is in store for the Cub Scouts as they leave Cuboree. The morning wake is 5 am today and they will be some very anxious Cub Scouts ready to go home, or not!

The breakfasts will begin at 6am and then it will be all in to prepare for departure as the first three buses (1, 10 & 3) will leave at 7:30am

30 minutes prior to the departure time all Cub Scouts and lovely camp gear,  on these first three buses,  will be brought to the front of the Seeonee Park and be prepared for boarding the buses home.

We will be keeping you all updated through out the day with more photos of the return journey, any delays that we are aware of due traffic conditions. Please remember that all the Cub Scouts left on a weekend and now they are returning during a working week. Most are expected to arrive during peak hour traffic.

The roll out times are:

7:30 am - Bus 1, 10 & 3
8:00 am - Bus 7, 12 & 14
8:30 am - Bus 5, 6 & 2
9:00 am - Bus 8, 4 & 9

Keep watching here and Facebook for updates.

The battle text

This is the transcript from the Facebook blogs in relation to the battle that raged at Cuboree over the 'borrowing' by the Merry Men!

The Cub Scouts have heard a battle is to take place. Lady Guinevere is tied to the Pirate Ship mast and the Cub Scouts are calling for out for war! the King of Camelot has just arrived and the Merry Men are taking up position.

All is quiet now as the Pirates bait the other areas

Canon fire from the pirate ship at Camelot and Merry Men,.

Merry men and Camelot return Canon fire. The Battle is on!

10 Canon balls (air Canons) are flying everywhere. Craters are forming - Cub Scouts are cheering for their favourites.

The crowd is in a frenzy as the members of Camelot and Sherwood come under heavy attack.

Sherwood have brought inthe booty that they have 'borrowed' over the camp. They appear to be crumbling under the barrage of canon balls heading their way!

As with all battles, the canon balls fly, but it appears they are out of ammo. It in now down to hand to hand combat!

It is all out mayhem inthe middle of the war ground. Battle horns are sounding - charm has been restored. The wounded and dying lay on the ground as the causilities of this battle lay down.

But what is this Ms Hood has survived and has escaped. All the items borrowed have been recovered. The teddy's are safe, the Sun stone has been returned to Utopia, The treasure to the Pirates.

In the end Sherwood are the victors.

Now Sherwood are offering the items back, but only if the leaders of the sub camps and activities beg for the booty back. IT is the reward for winning and great battle. All foes are humble in defeat!.

The Cub Scouts are just loving this. We they are in a huge circle and are chanting for the leaders to ask for their stuff back.

It was a great battle and they have all just had the best fun. Well done to all those involved.

Final newspaper up

The final newspaper has been added to the Newspaper page.

26 June 2012

Bus Timetable

Please be advised that there have been changes to the Bus numbering. All dropoff locations for those on the table below have been kept as they were. The bus numbers and arrival times have changed:  The following buses have been changed:

Were on
Previous arrival time
Now on Bus
New Arrival time
Maryborough West
North Bundaberg

If your bus number is not listed above, your group will be arriving on the same number bus as they  left on June 23.

To view your Cub Scouts Groups bus estimated arrival time, at the original location, of your group please open the Bus Schedule.

TV News reports

Thanks to a couple of the fans on our Facebook page, we have been able to get a look at the TV news reports from the Rockhampton Local New services (7 & WIN)

WIN:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DurteGX3Eew
7 News: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUxfgXxLKng

The Battle

I am posting the battle to Facebook - will have a full summary after

War at Cuboree?????

Something is brewing here at Cuboree. Sherwood Forest have upset the other Camp Leaders with all the items that have been 'borrowed'. As a result the pirates have sailed in from their lair in readiness to battle the men and women from Sherwood Forest. It appears it will be a major battle with four Sub Camp and for Activity bases leaders drawing up war plans. Will keep you updated.

We hear that Guinevere has been taken by Sherwood and has not been returned. It is for this reason that the battle lines have been drawn.

King of Camelot has retrieved his sword back after 'taking' Frair Cook as bait for its return.

Jacala in Camp Crocodile has had his Jacala Croc hat 'borrowed'

The Pirates have also had their treasure borrowed.

The battle lines are readying.

Today's newspaper up

The Cub-O-Read for June 26 is now up.

+ A Cub Scout has offered his Journal of the first 2 days for you to read!
+ A bear goes travelling :)
+ Camelot's takes Frair Cook

Power problems, what power problems?

So you have a power problem due to the morning toast run shorting out camp. What to do you do?

You bring in a generator, just for toast - the worlds biggest toaster !!!!!!

Good morning from Cuboree

The Cub Scouts are ready for the last day on site. They have the last rotation of the activities before they return to the camps for pack up , clean up and some other developing things.

For those that are not accustom to Cub Scout life at camp, every morning we do a Cub PT session, to get them up and ready for the day. Here is Polar Bears out for a session.