28 September 2011

Less than 300 days to ago

Another marker has come and gone, we have less than 300 days until Cuboree starts. Remember applications close on December 2, 2011.

27 September 2011

Seeonee Park Cuboree 2012 Planning Weekend - Day 2

Day 2 comes to life. The Seeonee Park bunkhouse was very comfortable and there were plenty of beds to go around.

One lone wolf took the weekend as an opportunity test run a new swag tent. Very brave considering the mischief leaders can get up too! Many a suggestion were heard as to what may occur during the night, but it all came to nothing and eight arose to with high expectations for the day.

Once breakfast was finished everyone headed out to explore the landscape. It soon became very real at how large Seeonee Park is. There are several good sized camp or activity spots at the front of the park.

The initial outing saw us remain close to the bunkhouse and den as we were expecting Rockhampton Leaders, David and Joanna, to arrive and provide a guided tour of the area. Upon their arrival, our tour took us through many tracks and open spaces that again provided many discussion points

As we continued to assess the area, those Sub Camp leaders able to attend began staking claims. I think by the end there were several changes and rethinks on that initial spot.

This became a theme of the day. The change in where and how the Cuboree should be laid out. Watching people like John, Allan and Tim in deep discussion and idea tossing was great to be apart of.

One thing that did strike us was the hidden wonders. Some creek beds provided those with cameras a great opportunity to take great snaps. There is certainly enough to explore and find, a wonderland for cubs. Plenty of mystery in and around every corner.

There was also an encounter with a brown snake, frightened an eagle from it's tree and lucky enough to spot a twang frog mouth owl high up in the tree (eagle eye Sallie).

The final area provided the best chance to see just how big some of the areas are. The local four wheel drive group had cleared a huge area for an event next weekend, and it provided a good view and think tank opportunities.

This area was known as Brown Hut camp ground, for obvious reasons, but it also had a shed that would allow as the kitchen and serving area. Once annexes put up eating tables could be arranged in a wide area next to it.

Another area yielded a hole in the ground that once seen most thought this to be a good spot for another activity base. This ideas generated were coming thick and fast, but they were all suggestions and as the particular base lease was not at this weekend all those ideas would be passed on as they would have the final say on the ideas and location.

We were lucky enough too to wander to the weir and this area provided one of the most magic and beautiful spots I have seen for a long time. The at rest water mirroring the banks and sky. Water plants in patches along the water provided many a photo chance and more thinking on the uses for the pool of water. Some serious and some not.

One little item that was provided was the outback showers and there were very many funny concepts concocted on how took it useable. At least those cubs using this facility will have plenty to comment on. Yes it was only a pack of leaders thinking out loud, but it did provide some good laughs.

It was at this point we returned to base and had lunch. We used this time to work through the thoughts and concerns of the morning. In the end it was decided the afternoon would be a plotting session where, with GPS in hand and thanks to Ian Rub, the draft concept for the sub camps were put together.

Even as we were plotting, those Sub Camp Leaders with us on the trip were picking up ideas on how to best use the areas and items found inside the areas for their camp spots.

By 3pm the plotting had been completed and 6 headed out on a venture to Yeppoon and Emu Park. This was all part of planning but these are secret locations and if I note them this blog site would soon end :)

All in all it was a good day and with another run to the Glenmore Tavern for more great meals, and one last think tank the day was over.

Tomorrow we return home in the knowledge we are going to have one of the best events yet.

23 September 2011

Seeonee Park Cuboree 2012 Planning Weekend - Day 1

With 9 months until the start of Cuboree 2012 and as you can appreciate there is a lot to organise. As a result seven members from the Cuboree 2012 Planning Committee, who were able to attend, headed to Seeonee Park, Rockhampton to inspect the site and begin drafting a site plan for the event. The team was headed up by:

· John Mills (Activities Leader),
· Tim Giddings (Logistics),
· Sallie Fletcher (Sub Camp Leader – Serpent),
· Alan Fleming (Sub Camp Leader – Crocodile),
· Ray Fletcher (Security),
· Ian Rub (Activities - Utopia).

· Robin Howard (Sub Camp Administrator – Bear), and
· Stephen Hughes (Communications).

We all arrived around 6:30pm on Friday and as a start-up activity we all headed to the Glenmore Tavern in Rockhampton. The one thing about travelling outside of Brisbane is they know how to serve up really good meals. Most went for the pizza’s and struggled to finish. Other had the steak – seeing how we were all in the Beef Capital of Australia, and they were very good.

Once done, the team headed to Seeonee Park to settle in for the night. But true to tradition the team were put through their paces to look at nominating some Cub Scout Leaders to become Sub Camp Pack Leaders. The Sub Camp Pack Leaders will be responsible for the care and welfare of up to 24 Cubs and this may include cubs from their own group pack, plus one or two other group packs from around the state. The Pack Leader will coordinate with up to 2, possibly 3, other assistances. This role is seen as a key link in helping coordinate the daily routine and provide a line of command for the Sub Camp leaders.

With so many good leaders from around the State, and with only 24 pack leader positions available, the task is not an easy one, and one that will possibly change until invitation letters are sent out.

So that closed out the day. Day 2 will see planning go into full swing.

Cuboree Planning Weekend - Seeonee Park Rockhampton

This weekend the Cuboree Planning Committee is heading to Seeonee Park at Rockhampton, for a site visit and continue to plan for Cuboree 2012.

Today marks 9 months to day 1.

Keep an eye on this site and Facebook for updates over the weekend.


11 September 2011

Encompass Update Article - August 2011

Cuboree ‐ The Magical Mystery Tour planning has started visit Cuboree website to keep up‐to‐date. Will your Cub Scouts be ready, make sure you and your Pack mix with other Packs to get used to different Leaders and Cub Scouts.

The Cuboree will be held in Rockhampton from 23 – 27 June 2012, each Pack will be transported to Seeonee Park by the Magical Mystery Bus. They will pick up their Cuboree Pack members along the
way, enjoying activities?titiees and excitement on the journey.

Cuboree Packs will be accommodated in Sub Camps:

  • C – Crocodile – Grey (caring and creative) led by Alan Fleming
  • U – Unicorn – White (unique and understanding) led by Gary Hansen
  • B – Bear – Brown (brave and big) led by Allan Mortensen
  • S – Serpent – Red (special and smart) led by Sallie Fletcher

Activities will be provided onsite as well as this year we have an offsite activity and all coordinated by our experienced Branch Advisor John Mills (he is also supporting me in my role as Camp Chief!)

  • C – Camelot – led by Maree Leschke
  • U – Utopia – led by Ian Rub
  • B – Blackbeard’s Base – led by Peter Thompson
  • S – Sherwood – the Scout base

As well as our Roving Minstrels that will keep us entertained and on track led by Ben Bawden.

There will also be a bus activity coordinator and Mark Dowseti is running the transport side of this Cuboree, a large job so we will need to ensure we get applications in as quickly as possible to assist with management of this project.

The other important difference in this coming Cuboree to note is that applications will close with the second
payment date, last year we allowed way too many late applications and it created difficulties for administration and processing.

This year I will not be so kind – sorry but my team need time to coordinate Cuboree clothing, transport, catering and resources. So get your applications in quickly – so your Pack does not miss out!

The Cub Scout has until the beginning of Cuboree to achieve their eligibility so applications can still be sent through by the 1st payment.

We already have started to receive them so don’t hold back!

01 September 2011

Questionaire 3

60 Cubs on a bus for 10 hours, how would you keep them entertained?

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Questionaire 2

What kind of activites would you add for a Rockhampton Magical Mystery Tour?

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Questionaire 1

 What was the most memorable thing from Cuboree 2010?

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