28 May 2012

Cuboree Jacket & Extra Cuboree Pack Item order forms available

Please head over to the Merchadise page to download the order forms for the Cuboree Jacket and extra items for your Cuboree Pack.

Please note: the Jacket will not be delivered until after Cuboree, and the extra items are on a first in, first served basis.

Cuboree Packs Exchange Day - June 2

Please remember this weekend is your only opportunity to exchange incorrect items or order extra items in your Cuboree Pack. This is a cash or cheque only event as there are no mobile credit card facilities on the day.

Date: June 2 - 2pm to 4pm
Where: Everton Park Den, Teralba Park, cnr Osborne rd and Pullen rd, Mitchelton.

27 May 2012

Photo publishing & Communications during event

Publishing of photos during Cuboree.

As we have members who can not have their images published, Communications will have a list of names of those that can not have photos posted.

We are trying to ensure that communication is constant and accurate during the event. It will be Communications role to field any questions from parents, via Camp Chief, and to allow you all to enjoy the time at activities with your Cub Scouts. You have all done a lot of prep work for this event and it is your time to enjoy the great activities being provided also.

Tick Tock - 28 days left on the clock!

Calling for Roving Bus reporters!

In order to try and keep information about the 'Magical Mystery Tour' to and from Cuboree, the Communications Team are asking Cub Pack Leaders to assist in become roving reporters during this time.

With so many parents sending their Cub Scouts on a long journey, we will be looking at keeping them up to date and involved in the Cuboree journey. I am sure all parents will be keen to see how you all keep them entertained on the long tours.

As the majority of people will have camera phones with 3G connections, Communications is asking if all photos could be sent to ask-cuboree@scoutsqld.com.au with a tag and location. This can then be placed on this page and our website for all to see.

We can't wait to see the great images coming in across the 14 hours some are travelling.

Cuboree Cup Carabiners - Yes they are coming!

Please note that carabiners have been purchased to hook the Cuboree cup onto bags or trousers - these will be distributed on Sunday by the Sub Camp Leaders.

Leaders, Scouts, Venturer Scouts and all adults will be provided with a lanyard and ID whilst Cub Scouts will have a wrist ID in colour of Sub Camp...these will be provided on arrival.

A coloured luggage tag will be mailed out this week with a letter containing pick up and drop off times and addresses to each Cuboree Participant...

Please make sure all gear is labelled clearly!!!

23 May 2012

Bus Manifest update - Cuboree Pack Leaders info

All bus manifests emailed to the leaders/adults in the Cuboree databases that have emails, except for bus # 12 as we still waiting on bus operators...

Please note some emails bounced back so please emails bc.cubscouts@qldhq.scouts.com.au if you dont receive anything... please empty your email boxes some are exceeding quotas so we cant through to you! 

Please note that a letter will also be sent this week advising addresses for pick ups and where meal stops will be... these are all included in the cost of Cuboree... thanks for your support>

If you have now heard that your Cub scouts or adults will not be traveling home please advise ASAP as we are doing up the return manifests and will need this information.

One month to go

31 sleeps until we are all at Seeonee Park in Rockhampton for Cuboree. It is hard to believe that it has come.up so quickly. It will be one to remember.

18 May 2012

Cub-o-Read Newsletter Masthead

Here is the mast head of the Cuboree 2012 Newsletter that will be published each day for Breakfast.
This will sit at the top of Page 1 in the middle and have the Cuboree logo on both sides.

Thanks to all those that took part in selecting the name. Can't wait to see the first edition on Sunday morning.

Bus Manifest to be released this weekend

The Bus Manifest/Timetable will be released over the weekend to all Cuboree Pack Leaders for distribution.  As you can image trying to coordinate 700 from all over the State has been a very large task, we have been able to confirm numbers and locations for collection. Please watch your email over the weekend for the update.

Help lure Sunrise & Today at Cuboree

From the mouths of babes is the term they use.

We have had a request from an adventerous Cub Scout attending asking if we can try and get the Channel 7 Sunrise morning show to do a piece at Cuboree. Actually they have requested we attempt to lure Grant Denyar to site and have him participate in some of the activities.

In order to fulfiling this request I am looking for Cub Scouts who are willing to write an email to ask-cuboree@scoutsqld.com.au asking that we get Sunrise to come on site. It would also be good to try for Channel 9 Today as well.

To ensure we have enough time if we could get some of these requests as soon as possible I can then send a formal request to the TV stations.

Stephen Hughes
Cuboree Communcations

16 May 2012

Bear Donation Cave

For those still wishing to donate 'orphaned' Teddy Bears for Cuboree. A Bear Donation Cave has been made available at QLD Branch, Ground Floor, 32 Dixon St, Auchenflower, just inside to the left of the front door.

Cuboree Pack Exchanges

If you have recieved your Cuboree Packs and have found your order was incorrect, please note there will be a one-off Exchange day on:

Date:     Saturday 2nd June 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Where:  Everton Park Den, Teralba Park,  Cnr Osbourne Rd & Pullen Rd, Mitchelton

For those that can’t make it & need to exchange, either give it to someone attending or contact Richard Barrett at promotions.marketing@aj2013.scouts.com.au to arrange for posting.

Please ensure you advise prior to 30th May as this will be the last posting day to be able to receive before Cuboree.

13 May 2012

Cuboree Newsletter Name

Thanks to everyone that provided input into the name of the Cuboree Newsletter. After a vote it had come down to Cub-o-Read and Cuboree Chatter. With a clear number Cub-o-Read has been nominated.

Cuboree Merchandise

Please be advised the Cuboree Jacket order form has been removed at this time.

In the coming week a new order form will go up to purchase excess Cuboree Pack items (Shirts, Scarves, Woggles, Hats, Badges and cups). These items are limited and it will be first in, best dressed (no pun intended). If your size is not available you will be issued with the next size up if in stock.

Keep watching.

03 May 2012

Seeking a Cuboree Newsletter name

At this Cuboree we are looking to produce a one page newsletter each day, to be distributed in the morning for breakfast. I am now looking for a name for this newsletter. 

At the Cuboree Leaders weekend one potential name was Cuboread and another was Cuboree Howl. 

If you believe you can come up with a better name please respond and the best will get pick and used from Cuboree to next Cuboree.