16 May 2012

Cuboree Pack Exchanges

If you have recieved your Cuboree Packs and have found your order was incorrect, please note there will be a one-off Exchange day on:

Date:     Saturday 2nd June 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Where:  Everton Park Den, Teralba Park,  Cnr Osbourne Rd & Pullen Rd, Mitchelton

For those that can’t make it & need to exchange, either give it to someone attending or contact Richard Barrett at promotions.marketing@aj2013.scouts.com.au to arrange for posting.

Please ensure you advise prior to 30th May as this will be the last posting day to be able to receive before Cuboree.


  1. Hi Steve, a couple of items are incorrect in my pack. Do I need to advise the items if I intend to go to the Everton Park Den on the 2nd June, and if so to who and by when? BTW is there a child and adult size Cuboree scarf?

    Regard, Pete

    1. Hi Pete, thanks for your comments. There is only one size scarf but 5 different colours to represent the different Sub Camps.

      I will forward the exchange question on and get back to you as it is not something that had been asked.

      Stephen Hughes
      Cuboree Communications

    2. Pete, following up on last reply. You need to email promotions.marketing@aj2013.scouts.com.au - we all wearing 2 hats this year! Richard is the Promotions person and we need you to advise you are attending and what you need to exchange.

      Yours in Scouting
      Stephen Hughes
      Cuboree Communications