13 September 2016

KAA's journey to Cuboree has begun...

So today marks the official start of the Advance (bump in) party to start the set-up for Cuboree 2016 before everyone arrives on Sunday...

KAA started before everyone else, more of the Advance party will arrive tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday...

KAA helping to get Kaa's Kar ready for departure to Cuboree

KAA packing Kar

KAA in his Kar saying goodbye to home folk as he departs for Maryborough

KAA stopped for a milkshale in Gympie on his way to the Cuboree site

KAA has arrived!!!

KAA signing in and collecting the keys (KAA's Keys) at Maryborough Showground and Equestrian Park

Thanks for all your help KAA - see you soon!

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