04 September 2016

Let your Cub Scout Pack their Own Bag!

When packing for Cuboree let your Cub Scout pack their own bag this way the Cub Scout knows what is in their bag, where their things are kept in the bag and how to get everything back in their bag at the end of the camp.

This may sound like an obvious statement but many times at Cuboree Cub Scouts have been asked to get something for themselves like a jacket or a hat and the answer comes back "Oh Mum didn't pack that for me" or "I don't have one"...

By all means take the packing list and sit on the bed with your Cub Scout and go through it together - it's a great time to check that all the gear is marked clearly with your Cub Scout's name but let your Cub Scout pack the bag themselves - it really does make a difference.

Scouting is all about Learning by Doing!

You have taken this amazing journey for your Cub Scout to learn - be brave and take that leap of faith. It is amazing how much small moments such as this build the dizzy heights of confidence for your Youth Member..

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