27 June 2012

The battle text

This is the transcript from the Facebook blogs in relation to the battle that raged at Cuboree over the 'borrowing' by the Merry Men!

The Cub Scouts have heard a battle is to take place. Lady Guinevere is tied to the Pirate Ship mast and the Cub Scouts are calling for out for war! the King of Camelot has just arrived and the Merry Men are taking up position.

All is quiet now as the Pirates bait the other areas

Canon fire from the pirate ship at Camelot and Merry Men,.

Merry men and Camelot return Canon fire. The Battle is on!

10 Canon balls (air Canons) are flying everywhere. Craters are forming - Cub Scouts are cheering for their favourites.

The crowd is in a frenzy as the members of Camelot and Sherwood come under heavy attack.

Sherwood have brought inthe booty that they have 'borrowed' over the camp. They appear to be crumbling under the barrage of canon balls heading their way!

As with all battles, the canon balls fly, but it appears they are out of ammo. It in now down to hand to hand combat!

It is all out mayhem inthe middle of the war ground. Battle horns are sounding - charm has been restored. The wounded and dying lay on the ground as the causilities of this battle lay down.

But what is this Ms Hood has survived and has escaped. All the items borrowed have been recovered. The teddy's are safe, the Sun stone has been returned to Utopia, The treasure to the Pirates.

In the end Sherwood are the victors.

Now Sherwood are offering the items back, but only if the leaders of the sub camps and activities beg for the booty back. IT is the reward for winning and great battle. All foes are humble in defeat!.

The Cub Scouts are just loving this. We they are in a huge circle and are chanting for the leaders to ask for their stuff back.

It was a great battle and they have all just had the best fun. Well done to all those involved.

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  1. It is truly amazing how you have put together these updates & photos over the 5 days while our Cubs have been away and kept us at home so up to date with what is happening at Cuboree 2012 . It will be so much more than that now, as our Cubs return home and they can relive their journey and all their precious memories looking through all the photos too. Well Done Stephen on Fantastic reporting of Cuboree 2012 - Cuboree Rulz