26 June 2012

War at Cuboree?????

Something is brewing here at Cuboree. Sherwood Forest have upset the other Camp Leaders with all the items that have been 'borrowed'. As a result the pirates have sailed in from their lair in readiness to battle the men and women from Sherwood Forest. It appears it will be a major battle with four Sub Camp and for Activity bases leaders drawing up war plans. Will keep you updated.

We hear that Guinevere has been taken by Sherwood and has not been returned. It is for this reason that the battle lines have been drawn.

King of Camelot has retrieved his sword back after 'taking' Frair Cook as bait for its return.

Jacala in Camp Crocodile has had his Jacala Croc hat 'borrowed'

The Pirates have also had their treasure borrowed.

The battle lines are readying.

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