25 June 2012

Today's update

So the day started with a cool chill blowing around, but NO SIGN OF RAIN! Then by magic we saw blue sky peeking through the clouds.

So we are into day three of Cuboree, all of the Cub Scouts are still in great spirits. Today is the first real full day of activity bases. There are two rotations today and once this is done there will be dinner and an early night.

During yesterday's first base run there was a raid on Camelot and we believe that the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest were seen stealing the Kings sword. As a result the King has had to work with a stand in sword for the day!

Their was a raid earlier today to try and 'borrow' Friar Tuck as a hostage to see if the sword would be returned. 

All Cub Scouts that are heading to the offsite base are sworn to secrecy and no attempt - not even Tim Tams are loosening their tongues. Even had one say they went to the Strawberry Farm - got to love them!

These Cub Scouts are amazing, they maybe tired, but they continue to solider on and have the best time.

Crocodile & Unicorn Sub Camp group photos

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