12 June 2012

Bag Size - 60 litre limitation

Please be advised. The bag size limits for Cuboree is 60 litres. This is to ensure we get all luggage on the buses in a quick timeframe. There appears to be an error in the example calculation on the packing list. This has come to light to close to the event to implement a new version.

Please also be aware that sleeping bags can be loose or strapped to bags. Please ensure they are not overly large though.

All bedding should be packed in the bags, blow up mattresses (single only) or self inflating ones are preferred as they can be compacted down to fit in a bag. Any oversized items may be left behind. There is limited space and we need to be mindful that the buses must be packed quickly to avoid delays in arriving on time.

Only day packs and pillows will be allowed in the cabin of the buses. No excess luggage, outside of the tour guides items required to entertain those on the buses, will be put in the cabin area. This is to ensure a safe trip for all.

A guide to the Travel Kit can be downloaded at the Cuboree website from the downloads page.

Please refer to: http://blog.emaletas.com/luggage-capacity-in-litres to get an overview on how to correctly calculate the volume of your luggage.

Based on the sizings indicated in the link above, a 60 litre bag is considered a medium size bag. A medium size bag will be between 60 & 75 litres. If you stick to this guideline you should be well within capacitiy. Remember the bigger the bag, the more it holds and hte harder it will be for the Cub Scouts to carry their luggage to their tents.

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