12 June 2012

Where do I put my Cuboree Badges?

There have been some questions as to whether the Cuboree Sub Camp badges can be added to their uniforms. The Camp Chief has given the 'green light' for the badges to be placed on their Cuboree shirts, or alternatively on their camp blankets. These badges cannot be placed on their official Cub Scouts uniform.

Suggested ideas - would be to place them on bottom of the shirts - they will not be tucked in during camp, or maybe along the sides. If you have a suggestion for where to best place them please take a photo and email ask-cuboree@scoutsqld.com.au so we can post them here for others to view.


  1. Does this mean the badge has to be sewn to their shirt or do they have the option to have it sewn to their camp blanket instead?

    1. Julie, you have to option to add to Cuboree shirt or camp blanket. Choice is yours. It just cannot be added to their normal Cub Scout shirts.