03 June 2012

Hard Water Soap options

Please be advised that our Logistics coordinator - Tim has provided the following options for the soap to use at Cuboree.


Been investigating the Hard water issue and what soap would be good to use – in short No ‘soap’ or stuff that contains ‘soap’; however there are body clean gels etc that do not contain soap. I also spoke to my Daughter, Sam, who uses Bore water (though a little less harsh than the Rocky stuff) for bathing every day of her Darling Downs farm – she uses the various Dove ‘beauty bars’ for herself and the kids and her husband uses Radox for Men Shower Gels for general bathing – they all lather up adequately to provide appropriate cleaning etc.

Thought it may be a useful bit of information for the Cuboree sight and may also be timely prompt some that they do need to consider the Hard Water


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